Responsible practices and procedures ensure that all aspects of Bansal Alloys & Metals Pvt. Ltd. business is conducted with the utmost respect for the environment.

The shared vision of making steel a major foundation of a sustainable world can be achieved through resource efficiency and reduction of the environmental impact over the lifecycle of the products. The Company’s approach to the Environment Management is guided by Bansal Code of Conduct, Bansal Climate Change Policy, Bansal Alloys & Metals Pvt. Ltd. Vision, Bansal Alloys & Metals Pvt. Ltd. Sustainability Policy, Environmental Policy and the UN Global Compact Principles.

The Company has always focused on responsible environmental practices and responsible resource management while upgrading skills of workmen through training as technologies evolve.

Bansal Groups Environment Policy
Bansal Groups Environment Policy
Bansal Groups Environment Policy

Bansal Group is committed towards keeping the pollution level at the lowest possible point. All our plants are installed with the latest pollution control equipment. Gases arising from the melting and refining process are channelized through emission control systems having wet scrubbers and filter bags to meet all regulatory environment conservation requirements. To meet environmental standards, dust and other emission levels are monitored to ensure they stay within permissible limits. The Company continues to invest in process and technologies that are more energy efficient and consequently CO2 efficient. Bansal Alloys & Metals Pvt. Ltd. continues to make significant reductions in its electricity consumption, to eliminate dust and improve its wastewater treatment processes through its Total Productive Maintenance programme.

Bansal Alloys & Metals Pvt. Ltd. is committed to playing an active and constructive role in addressing climate change - both by reducing its own carbon footprint and by creating high-performance steels that will make it possible to produce lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles and energy-efficient buildings.

Having already halved the amount of energy needed to make a tonne of steel over the last 50 years, Bansal Alloys & Metals Pvt. Ltd. has set itself a target of reducing CO2 emissions by a further 20% within the next decade.